Take Action

Right now the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is at around 380 parts per million. In January 2018, the amount was 407.4 parts per million. Climate scientists have deduced that these close numbers leave us with with about 8 years before the amount of CO2 congregating in our atmosphere reaches a point where we cannot reverse the effects it will have on us, our planet, and every ecosystem. Right now, there are millions of people protesting all over the world because our governments have still taken no action. Climate change and justice has not even made the big headlines in our news because people are blind to what’s in front of their faces.

Soon, the effects on our planet will be irreversible. My brother and I won’t even have graduated college by then. It’s time to take action against this problem. We have all the facts. We literally have them laid out on a silver platter for people to actually do something about it. People need to wake up and understand that the time for letting other people do everything for you is over. Stand up and give the younger generations a future beyond 2030. Let them enjoy their lives free from your mistakes. Wake up. This is a reality that you have to face.

Protect the Earth. It’s the one thing we all have in common.

“I don’t want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting.” – Unknown