Mini Challenge

The Litter Challenge team has put together a mini challenge for those who both love the environment and want to make a difference, however, don’t have the time to do our main challenge for 20 days.

The mini challenge has the same aspects of the main challenge with one difference. It’s for 5 days. This mini challenge will still give you daily emails with tips, motivation, and advice on how to be green, but with a 5-5-5 method. A 5-minute walk, picking up at least 5 pieces of litter, and for 5 days. The 5 days do not have to be consecutive but should be done within a month of starting the challenge.

Once again, we advise you to keep picking up more than you need to: a green earth makes for a happy earth, and once you finish the mini challenge you will receive the same e-gift as the main challenge! Get outside and be green! 

– The Litter Challenge Team.