Environmentally conscious in troubling times

As Covid-19 is drastically changing our way of life, it is still important to find time to care for the earth.

During this pandemic, the one constant has been the long months of staying at home. Even during these troubling times, we can still find ways to be green at home. Adapting to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can seem a little daunting when you start, but with these monthly tips, you can find it’s easy to stay green at home.

  • January: Insulate your heater with an insulating jacket instead of a non eco-friendly resource.
  • February: Make a bird-feeder out of old grains and go bird-watching.
  • March: Opt out of junk mail
  • April: Switch to using non-toxic household cleaning projects that will protect not only your house, but yourself too!
  • May: Plant a garden – or some flowers
  • June: Ride your bike instead of driving when you can.
  • July: Buy a reusable water bottle
  • August: Utilize a smart-power strip to plug your devices into.
  • September: Replace your shower head with a water saving one.
  • October: Change your air filters
  • November: Replace old bulbs with LED lights – or energy saving bulbs
  • December: Give eco-friendly holiday gifts!

Even though there are things we can’t go outside and do, simple ideas to start being green at home can slowly build up to living green!

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