Reducing Plastic Waste at home during Covid-19

Zero-waste living even during the pandemic

Covid-19 has changed our ways of life drastically over the past 6 months or so. We are requested to leave our reusable products behind in order to prevent catching the virus, and people have started buying a lot of single-use products such as masks and gloves – which are horrible for the environment. Here are a few tips to help you stay – or start – focused on a zero-waste lifestyle.

  • Reduce food waste: after a meal, try and keep leftovers in order to reduce your food waste – even compost if you can! That reduces the amount of waste we produce and helps out people struggling to put food on the table.
  • Try not to panic buy toilet paper: One of the most infamous sightings of the pandemic is someone in the grocery store with 30 packs of toilet paper. This ‘panic-buying’ leads to stores frantically trying to restock their shelves, in turn leading to more trees cut down for our cleaning purposes. Try buying recycled paper toilet paper, or tree-free toilet paper if you can!
  • Try to stop the single-use mask and glove spree: We have been using a lot of single-use masks and gloves over the course of the pandemic, and it’s hurting the environment. Try and invest in reusable masks – or as a way to reduce boredom around the house – make your own! Creativity around the house always helps!

The demand for single-use products has taken a toll on the environment as people struggle to keep healthy during this time. However, you still can live a zero-waste lifestyle – and taking a few small steps can lead you down the right path!

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