team behind the litter challenge

This initiative was created by Nainika and Savir Gupta -a sister-brother duo.

Both Nainika & Savir come from an outdoor loving family and care deeply for the environment. They enjoy hiking and backcountry camping and have spend most summers traveling to a lot of the US National parks or in their home country, India.

As a 7th & a 3rd grader, both Nainika and Savir were motivated to do more for the environment and created this challenge to inspire people to get out more and clean up the areas that they live, work and play in.

Connect With The Team

Why do the challenge?

This challenge helps people understand how litter is impacting our world. It also shows how we can do our part in making the world a cleaner space one day at a time.

How can we make a difference?

Change and impact always start small. Even though trash, litter and pollution are global issues, every small step at a local level will help the environment in the long run.