Can I pick up more than 20 pcs of litter a day?

Absolutely! That will help the environment even more. The intent of the challenge is to pick up at least 20 pieces. So pick up more if you would like!

What if I pick up 400 pieces of litter in one day and finish the challenge early?

The challenge is for 20 days, so those who complete the 20 days will receive the e-gift. However, you can definetely pick up 400 pieces of litter! Imagine how much cleaner the world will look if everyone picked up 400 pieces of litter a day!

Why should I join?

You should join this challenge because litter around the world is a growing problem. Our oceans, waterways, forests and even neighborhood parks and sidewalks are full of litter. Animals are being affected, our food sources are being impacted and even our recreational areas are becoming too dirty to enjoy. If we don’t start to clean up the environment, pretty soon everything that we love will be gone forever.

Should I focus on a particular type of litter?

You can, but if you find other types, don’t hesitate to pick them up as well. You can focus on types like plastic or aluminum, but don’t leave one piece of litter sitting there to pick up another.

How will you know if I have completed the challenge?

We believe in the honor system of accountability. Our hope with this challenge is to educate you, the consumer, to make the right decisions based on all the information and knowledge we will be sharing about litter and the problem facing the environment today because of excess litter. Please share your images, daily challenge progress and thoughts with us on social media using the #thelitterchallenge hashtag and email us at thelitterchallenge@gmail.com when you are done to claim your prize.